Dog Lab is an institute for cancer screening by a cancer sniffing dog. The dog’s sense of smell is 1 million to 100 million times as sensitive as human’s. The cancer sniffing dog has an extraordinary sense of smell and the power of concentration, and when it is trained in a specific way, it acquires a special ability to detect the smell of cancer contained in exhaled breath.

The sensitivity of the cancer sniffing dog is very high, and it responds to early-stage cancer and high-grade dysplasia as well. University studies verify that the accuracy is almost 100%.

The screening system at Dog Lab is simple, and is achieved using exhaled breath taken in a bag. Those who have no time to take a hospital exam or who don’t want to have an exam due to pain or stress can get to know the presence of cancer very easily. If cancer is detected by the screening, partner clinics will prepare a letter of introduction and send you to an appropriate university or cancer hospital for further exams.

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